MMG is set up in two divisions: Artist Development and Management/Label/Publishing operations. Every artist is signed through the company under recording contracts and management, and the two divisions allow MMG to take special approaches to each of the artists. In the Artist Development division, MMG is able to generate high quality content at an efficient rate of success by combining content creation with the brand exposure simultaneously building the hype and quality of upcoming releases. With the Management/Label operations, the artist graduates into the MMG are responsible to release the music with consistency while making sure the budgets for the production, videos, marketing and promotion, are bigger to deal with the growing fanbase and need to produce high quality content at a bigger scale.


In 2004, Morojele Music Group Inc. (MMG) is the brainchild of music industry veteran and entrepreneur Tyce Morojele. With 20 years of Artist Development and management experience, MMG brings a high level of quality content through a selective artist development mandate. By utilizing multiple levels of development in content creation and brand development, MMG is primed to thrive in the digital era of music business. Combine accessible brand exposure with social media development and the low-cost environment of producing finished masters, high quality content can be generated and promoted in a consistent manner.


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History, Awards & Accolades

Setsi “Tyce” Morojele is well-respected in the Canadian music industry and is beginning to become known for his achievements in artist development. With the first MMG artist, Dru Grange, the team was able to produce charting singles and a Juno award and MuchMusic Video Award within the then underdeveloped urban Canadian scene. Part of our success included getting Dru licensed in Japan with JVC Victor, in South Africa with Universal Africa and in Australia with Universal Music. MMG had his single “Stay With Me (Always)” in Top 10 Hot AC and Chum song of the month in April 2008, while managing to get a second single charting at Canadian Top 40 called “The One”. This awarded MMG with two charting songs out at the same time, something that was not being done at the time in the urban music scene in Canada. All radio promotional work was done by MMG during the run with Dru’s singles, and it opened many doors. In the midst of the success, MMG was working alongside the “6ix God” himself as part of Drake’s early management teams.
It showed the MMG team to the world that the eye for talent and hard working artists were the winning combination to success in the music industry. MMG began to earn their place amongst the core urban music developers and continued to push new talent throughout the years. With the success of Johnny Boy Da Prince, whom MMG secured a $5 million development deal, MMG continued to show that curated content was able to transcend the Canadian scene and emerge in the US market. In 2016, MMG brought back the tried and tested methods of artist development with the latest hit artist Casper TNG. Within a year, MMG was able to generate over 20+ million YouTube views and over 6 million Spotify streams on the strength of organic marketing and brand exposure for the young Toronto artist. Bringing in the latest new artists to the team, MMG is ready to take on the next stage of promotion at the international stage. To date, this has all happened through the passion and organic growth of the talent behind Tyce’s vision for the company. Tyce is relentless, unyielding, unwilling to stop hitting the pavement and is steadfast in aim to let vision take flight. It is evident that the time to build and develop the company to new heights is at hand. Tyce has proven he can make things happen, starting from the ingredients of what it truly takes to make it in this business – the dedication and determination to succeed, a smart business sense, immense talent and an undeniable love of music. “On this path, Tyce and his label’s operation is slated to be the next great independent music success story of our era. “ #weworking