Casper TNG shares new single, “My Life”

Casper TNG shares new single, “My Life”


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Casper TNG Gives Listeners An Idea Of What It’s Like To Wake Up Every Day In His Life With The Release Of His New Single, “My Life”

Toronto, ON-based rapper Casper TNG has unveiled his new track, “My Life,” via Morojele Music Group Inc.

Casper TNG is no stranger to the life that many rappers in this industry live, growing up surrounded by crime and substance abuse and often getting involved in it.

He dives deep with this release, sharing what his life has been like and the experiences he’s gone through. You hear the artist’s signature melodic rap sound throughout the track as he sings, “the old me is dead and gone, goodbye.” The new Casper TNG has been hustling and writing. He is ready to share a raw and honest version of himself through his music with “My Life,” the first of what is to come in 2022.

“‘My Life’ is self-explanatory: you can’t know me unless you’ve woken up, walked, and hustled every day in my life. I’m making a change for my future, and the world will hear my voice. I gotta story to tell, and you’re gonna hear it.”

Listen to “My Life” below, and stay connected with Casper TNG via his socials.

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