Me & You We Not Size ft Flash Milla (Interview) | We Love Hip Hop Podcast Ep234

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Toronto artist Flash Milla enlists Kavin Roberts for “Magical”

Written By – hiphopcanada Toronto’s own Flash Milla started the month of December off strong with a sharp new video powered by KR Productions. The Kavin Roberts-directed “Magical,” which cuts back and forth between a strip club and a hotel room, has racked up over 27K streams in less than a week.  


Written By – hiphopoverload HHO: Introduce yourself to the fans Flash Milla: My name Flash Milla Came about because I really live this life I run around these streets at the speed of light no days off no slowing down ; no sleep. HHO: How did your artist name come about? Flash Milla: My last name is… Continue reading FLASH MILLA – WORLD WIDE