Grymee Balls Like Kobe in Brand New Music Video

Grymee Balls Like Kobe in Brand New Music Video


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When we think of the late Kobe Bryant we immediately come across thoughts of empowerment, success, sickening confidence, and best of all championships. His personal legacy marked the lives of millions and influenced a wave of hard-hitting bars within the hip-hop community.

Imbued with hustle and talent, Canadian lyricist Grymee details his hunger for breaking through in his newest music video for his single ‘KOBE’. Assembling an army of ballers on the court, and teaming up with producer Ty Danelley (credits include Tory Lanez, Pressa, and French Montana) to add fuel to his trailblazing fire.

“They think that they know me, I think that I’m Kobe, just watch how I ball.”

In his adolescence, the Toronto-based rapper ignited his music journey in his own home studio that consisted of a Dollar Store microphone, desktop computer, and a couple of foam pads. He spent the majority of his time with his two older brothers and cousin who were initially the first group of people to spark young Grymees’ music flames. Under the lyrical influence of Lil Wayne, The Lox, 50 Cent and Drake, Grymee’s oldest brother would encourage him to test out his own bars and push him to freestyle often.
A product of Toronto’s music scene, an inspired young soul, and his troubled past, Grymee has pushed his competition to the limit this year.

Check out the video shot by LighterJuice below.

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