Mykell Messiah – Two Wrongs

Mykell Messiah – Two Wrongs


‘Two Wrongs’ feel like a song that’s loaded with a beat pumped on adrenaline but sung with a vocal performance that’s the right kind of sativa high. The wonderfully sensual and smooth r&b/electronic tune from Mykell Messiah blends styles and genres effortlessly and sublimely. The production is simultaneously moody while also being energetic and loaded. Messiah discusses a relationship that’s inherently toxic, elaborating on a couple who try their best to make it work but can’t help in slighting one another through constantly one upping their indiscretions. Finally concluding the song with the line “yeah, we tried, but nothing could make us get past our pride”.

It’s a unique kind of EDM track, bringing a sensual feel to an electric pulse.

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