Toronto’s Lil Kizzle Announces Signing to Morojele Music Group with “Don’t Step” Single

Toronto’s Lil Kizzle Announces Signing to Morojele Music Group with “Don’t Step” Single

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Youthful acts in the globe of music usually ascend from their acclaim as social media sensations. However, a rarity in today’s industry customs are artists who build their success from the ground up. 

Toronto’s rising artist Lil Kizzle knows a thing or two about getting it out of the mud. At the age of three, Lil Kizzle was put into the foster system and spent most of his life as an orphan after his parents became incarcerated. However, he maneuvered his way through friendships and several hobbies and by 2019, Kizzle befriended Mofano, another minor who accompanied him in his group home. Mofano, nephew to Morojele Music Group CEO– Tyce Morjoele, took a fondness for Kizzle and reignited the flame, cementing the confidence Lil Kizzle needed to know he had the talent, passion, drive and work ethic to be great.

Today Lil Kizzle announced his alliance with urban music label Morojele Music Group via debuting a high-energy music video and newest single, “Don’t Step.”

The teenaged heavy stepper trekked into this week’s drops’ moving correctly. However, the Lighter Juice shot and directed music video only begins to capture the energy of his untamed bars. In the single, the rapper clamors, “Can talk my sh*t ain’t no rookie like Veeze, Money boy money man me.”

With great esteem for the late American rapper Young Dolph, Kizzle’s pen is on theme with the King of Memphis’ freewheeling, raw and hustle-infused discography.

Kizzle also soaked up inspiration from the morality of the rapper and other artists such as Babyface Ray, Jay-Z, and Lil Baby, all stem from similar upbringings and resources within their communities. According to industry rep Selena Reyes, Kizzle is ‘setting himself up to be able to give back to a plethora of charities and children living in similar conditions.’ 

Though he has never attended a concert or hoofed on a professional stage, the artist is preparing to join the label on its 2022 “Proceed With Caution” Canada-wide tour this Fall alongside SBO Swampy, Mykell Messiah, Grymee, and Flash Milla.

Check out his debut music video, “Don’t Step,” here.

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