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HHO: Introduce yourself to the fans

Flash Milla: My name Flash Milla Came about because I really live this life I run around these streets at the speed of light no days off no slowing down ; no sleep.

HHO: How did your artist name come about?

Flash Milla: My last name is Miller, Flash equals FAST MONEY FAST LIFE FAST BITCHES, I get em all real quick Milla

HHO: Where are you from?

Flash Milla: Im from Toronto (Eglington and Oakwood) , but was raised on the west side of Brampton and Mississuga.

HHO: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Flash Milla: My biggest musical influences sorry I have 5 lol 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Camron, and Shyne

HHO: What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Flash Milla: Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle was actually the first cd I ever owned, I grew up listening to Nastradamus, All Eyes on Me, Berried Alive, The Carter 1 and 2, Reasonable Doubt, The Blue Print, and MICHAEL JACKSON – THE DANGEROUS ALBUM…there obliviously many more I’ve always love music all music

HHO: What is the current single/project that you are promoting?

Flash Milla: Rite now Im promoting my single “Drunk in the six” to help create a buzz for my ep (Product Of Toronto Streets)”POTS” which the whole ep was produced by pmck

HHO: How did the record come about?

Flash Milla: “Drunk in the six” was all my idea but the inspiration came from the beat which was made by one of my favorite producers PopOnTheBeat who was signed to SOD and made beats for Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, and many others

HHO: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

Flash Milla: My dream collaboration would probably be with P.Diddy he ain never loose, or Chris Brown

HHO: How is the response from your fans & djs been?

Flash Milla: My response from all fans and djs has been amazing everyone I encounter loves my work and wants to see more ASAP!

HHO: What artists do you listen to the most?

Flash Milla: Rite now I listen to a lot of French Montana, Young Dolph, and Migos

HHO: What are your plans for 2017? What are you doing that others are not?

Flash Milla: My plans for 2017 is to create a buzz I wanna make em dance like Diddy did, what I am doing that others are not is making commercial hits with real lyrics that I am really living issues struggles an good times I have really been through but I am gonna find the beat the notes an melodies to say present it in a way that will make the world dance, I do not want to just make rap music I want to be WORLD WIDE, i’ll make any kind of music I can get my hands on.

HHO: How can your fans reach you?

Flash Milla: My fans can reach me on Instagram @flashmilla Twitter @flashmillafm snapchat flash_milla

HHO: Any last words or shout outs?

Flash Milla: The song drunk in the six is available for purchase on all online stores the ep “Product Of Toronto Streets” will be dropping in September the website fashmillamusic.com will also be up in September

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